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Some of my favorites from the Met » Ilya Repin, “Vsevolod Michailovich Garshin”

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  1. July 27, 2009 1:49 am

    Did you read the description on this?
    This guy was the model for son of Ivan the terrible in Repin’s painting. I have to go put the kids to bed. Maybe I can get a link to the painting later.

    I know you are mad at me. This is going to hurt so much.
    Super vacations will only distract us from the problems in our relationship. I would much rather start anew. Tabula Rasa. This will take more time and give us a better future. If you are not willing to start again, then I am not sure what to say. The past has been good at times, but things need to change or I will not be able to thrive and provide a healthy environment for anyone. I learned that I have not been honest in our relationship, and it has made me love and hate in an intensity that is schizophrenic. I need to be myself.

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